Barefoot fun! You can hardly be closer to nature! The barefoot trail is a fun and educational theme trail in the Sterzing-Ratschings-Gossensass hiking area. Take off your shoes and off we go!

Difficulty level: easy
Start: Racines di Dentro / Pulvererhof
Path: 0.8 km
Hiking time: 20 minutes
Altitude difference: 51 m uphill / 0m downhill

The Ratschings / Racines barefoot path makes your summer holiday in South Tyrol unique and extraordinary. The starting point of the theme trail in the Sterzing-Ratschings-Gossensass hiking area is the Pulvererhof only 2 km from the Larchhof hotel. The Ratschingstal / Val Racines barefoot path is approx. 400 m long and reflects the “feel nature” philosophy, inviting you to explore nature barefoot. To experience nature it is important to feel the grass, sand, pebbles, marble, wood in all its forms and the forest floor. The themed trail in Sterzing-Ratschings-Gossensass offers the opportunity to "feel" with your senses: rough like rock and stone, soft like grass and moss or refreshing like water - every step a new experience. Not to mention the health benefits: a gentle foot reflexology massage that stimulates the body and activates the immune system.