The mining world Schneeberg Ridnaun / Monteneve Ridanna is a rare cultural property. The mining tradition lived here for more than 800 years, in the middle of a mountain area. Since the end of mining in the 1980s the mine plant has been maintained. Today you can get to know the different phases of mining. Discover all the tools and equipment of the different epochs and practice themselves in the heavy squatting.

A small introduction to mining at Monteneve shows the following film:

Schneeberg Compact
The museum includes a large exhibition on mining in the former workers' house. Visitors get to know the history of the mining tradition at the Monteneve. They also get an insight into the cultural history of the Ridanna valley. A part of the exhibition is dedicated to the Tyrolean giant Maria Fassnauer, who was the world's largest woman at the beginning of the 20th century and toured through Europe. There are also various guided tours, such as the Schneeberg Compact:

Schneeberg adventure
If you want to know more aboute te routine life of a mountain miner, you have to chose the adventure tour. With complete equipment the guides will bring you to an altitude of 2,ooo meters above sea level. With a original railway you will roll through the Poschhaus gallery to the ore deposit. Here you can practice in the miner's daily work, See the short movie for further insights.

Schneeberg World of Mining
If you want to dive further into the mining theme we can recommend you the world of mining tour to the mountain village St. Martin. This all-day long expedition will show you the daily life of the miners in an adverse environment, but see yourself.