During hikes in the mountains of South Tyrol you will be able to appreciate the unspoilt landscape in all its splendour. Blossoming alpine meadows, imposing peaks and crystal clear mountain streams turn every tour into a unique experience. Every step increases physical well-being and motivation. This means experiencing the mountains in South Tyrol.

What a thrill to see the sunrise at high altitude while the first rays of sunshine flood the valley and the surrounding mountains. Are you ready for a long distance trail and a new challenge?

What would a holiday in the Sterzing-Ratschings-Gossensass / Vipiteno-Racines-Colle Isarco hiking area be without a summit tour in the italian alps? You will be spoilt for choice between a variety of tours of all levels of difficulty. Those who accept the challenge will in any case be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views and pride in what they have accomplished.

Feel as free as an eagle and find peace by observing life from a pleasantly detached viewpoint. A unique experience in the mountains of South Tyrol.

An hiking tour in pleasant company that leads from refuge to refuge where, as a reward for the effort of the ascent, an excellent bacon snack and a good glass of wine awaits you. A pleasant stop at a mountain hut or along one of the mountain streams or sitting on a bench to enjoy the view make your summer holiday in Souh Tyrol simply perfect.