The Gilfenklamm is a gorge in pure white marble and stretches from the village Stange/Stanghe into the Ratschings/Racines valley to the hamlet of Jaufensteg/Ponte Giovo. Wooden bridges and runways lead through the canyon and give a spectacular sight to the waterfalls. The primordial power of the water is tangible with all senses. The gorge is protected as a natural monument and is known as one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the Alpine region.

For the time being, the Gilfenklamm gorge is only accessible from Jaufensteg.
Due to a landslide, only the upper part of the gorge can be visited. The hike from Stange is unfortunately not possible at the moment.
All visitors are kindly asked to use bus 319 from Stange to Jaufensteg. Unfortunately, there is no parking at the Jaufensteg.
The opening of the Gilfenklamm gorge from Stange will not be possible from mid-July.

The runways through the gorge were built in 1896 and just after a few years the unfolded magic attracted numerous visitors. Beetween the great world wars the bridges were left to decay, but were restored in the early 1960s, and have since become a must see of the Vipiteno-Racines area. The hike through the gorge lasts nearly one hour (1,5 hours with return) and is worthwhile for nature lovers, families and seniors.