Experience unforgettable moments when spending your holidays in the Sterzing-Ratschings-Gossensass / Vipiteno-Racines-Colle Isarco region. Discover many impressive sights in the great outdoors or take in art and culture together with your whole family. Immerse yourself in the baroque world of Wolfsthurn Castle or go on a day-trip exploring the medieval world of Reifenstein Castle. The natural splendour attracts all outdoor-enthusiasts with adventurous day-trip destinations for young and old alike. Witness the natural spectacle of the Stanghe Waterfall and the rocky gorge made of pure white marble with your own eyes.
Children can really let off steam along the adventure trail of the mountain adventure world in Ratschings / Racines or visit the Mining world Schneeberg in Ridnaun / Ridanna. And for all those who aim high: Climb the peaks of our many 3,000m summits and enjoy breath-taking views of the South Tyrolean mountains.