To crown your holiday with a mountain tour in Sterzing-Ratschings-Gossensass / Vipiteno-Racines-Colle Isarco we recommend a hike to the Mittagsspitze / Punta Mezzodì. The Mittagsspitze / Punta Mezzodì with its beautiful summit cross is one of the most beautiful places in the Sarntaler Alps above Ratschings / Racines.

Difficulty level: medium
Start: Schluppes
Path: 5.6 km
Hiking time: 3 hours
Altitude difference: 710 m uphill/ 710 m downhill

The hike to the Mittagsspitze (walking time 3 hours) is classified as medium difficulty. The difference in altitude of 710 m requires good physical condition. The mountain tour in the Sterzing-Ratschings-Gossensass / Vipiteno-Racines-Colle Isarco hiking area starts in Schluppes in Jaufental / Val Giovo valley. At about 600 m the forest path no. 12 leads through a beautiful natural landscape before entering the Jaufental / Val Giovo. Turn left near the signpost no.16 Mittagsspitze. The path, quite steep especially at the beginning, leads through the forest. Enjoy the peace and quiet that accompany you on this beautiful tour in South Tyrol. The trail continues past the forest line until it reaches the avalanche barrier below the Mittagsspitze / Punta Mezzodì. From here you continue along the ridge until you reach the summit cross at 2,052 m. Enjoy the spectacular view before heading back.