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Joe Smith&Brass'n Sax in concert at Wolfsthurn Castle

The Brass'n Sax ensemble emerged from the brass section of the Joe Smith Band. It includes saxophonist, composer and arranger Chris Haller, who has been a guest soloist at the band's concerts on several occasions. Master of the tuba is Toni Pichler.
The appeal of Brass'n Sax is its unusual line-up: three brass players and one woodwind player. This creates a sound that emanates a special magic. The ensemble plays music from classical, jazz, swing and much more.

Chris Haller - saxophone, clarinet & flute
Walter Plank - trumpet, flugelhorn
Peppi Haller - trombone, euphonium, trumpet
Toni Pichler - tuba
The event also takes place on the following days