South Tyrol is known for its excellent gastronomy which also includes fine dairy products. No wonder! Just look at the lush mountain pastures. This is probably also the reason why the yoghurt from the region is particularly creamy and appreciated for its excellent taste. The yoghurt from Sterzing / Vipiteno is so good that a theme trail has been dedicated to it.

Difficulty level: very easy
Start: centre of Sterzing / Vipiteno
Route: 5.4 km
Hiking time: 2 hours
Altitude difference: 6 m uphill / 6 m downhill (barrier-free, suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs)

The Sterzing / Vipiteno yoghurt trail combines nature, fun and culture during your summer holiday in South Tyrol. Like the Water Trail and the Barefoot Trail, the Yoghurt Trail is a themed trail in Sterzing-Ratschings-Gossensass / Vipiteno-Racines-Colle Isarco. Popular with families, it is a perfect alternative to hiking and high altitude tours. The path "from the meadow to the palate" is experienced in fun stations. Along the trail 12 information stations tell you everything you need to know about yoghurt - from cow food to the finished product. The journey starts in the city centre and ends at the Sterzing Dairy. Real fun for all ages! On the way back you cycle along the cycle path that passes the most important sights of Sterzing / Vipiteno, such as the parish church, the town hall in the old town and the Zwölferturm / Torre delle Dodici tower.