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Starting point: mountain station cable car Rosskopf Monte Cavallo – Vipiteno (1.850m)

Starting from the mountain station of the cable car Rosskopf Monte Cavallo (1.850m) hike along the wide path no. 23. The trail increases slightly southwestwards. Continue to walk over a mountain bridge and further on to the mountain pasture Ochsenalm (1.907m). From there follow the ridgeway under the summits Telfer Weißen to the cirque of the mountain pasture Seeberalm with the lake Seebersee.

Alternative: reachable also from the valley head Ridanna across the same path to the mountain pasture Prischeralm and following the path no. 23 towards the mountain pasture Seeberalm.
Tip: alpine mountain lake

Opening hours
Summer 28.05.2022 - early November 2022 - only Saturday and Sunday
Day of rest Monday-Friday
Innkeeper Simon Schölzhorn
Sea level 2110 m
Location 39040 Val Ridanna
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